Did you know that Termites cause 5 times more damage to homes throughout Australia each year than fire. And that this Termite damage is not covered by home owner insurance policies. If you own a home then a Termite infestation is a very real and potentially costly threat to you.

If you are buying, selling or refinancing a home ? your most important requirement is to have a Visual Timber Pest inspection report carried out, as thousands of homes every year are attacked by Termites or other wood destroying pests. Home purchasers need to know if these pests are present before investing their money. It is therefore essential to have Belmont Pest Control carry out an inspection which will detect visible evidence of wood destroying pests and provide a report on the findings.

Are Visual Timber Pest Reports For Termites Only? No!

Subterranean Termites are the number one timber destroying pest in Australia, however, there are other wood destroying insects that are also of concern to the home buyer, these are timber destroying Beetles (Borers) and Wood Decay fungi, all of which the inspector reports on if evident.

What does a Visual Timber Pest Inspection Report Entail?

A qualified, accredited and licensed timber pest inspector will perform the inspection. The inspector looks at all visual areas of the structure which are readily accessible. If the inspector finds evidence of an infestation, the inspector reports such evidence in the report. An inspection will include using the latest technical equipment for sounding and probing areas where infestations are suspected, however, in completing a visual inspection, the inspector cannot see into walls or concealed voids, brick wall cavities, beneath carpeting, or in any inaccessible or concealed areas and timbers. Therefore clients/parties must read and understand the report in full.

Does A Visual Timber Pest Inspection Report Guarantee There Are No Infestations?

The report gives findings of a trained inspector who searches for visual evidence of timber destroying pests in the readily accessible areas of the structure. It states that wood destroying pests were or were not found by the inspector in these visual areas. The possibility remains that an infestation may be hidden inside or behind inaccessible or concealed areas and timbers.

What If Evidence Of An Infestation Is Found?

If infestations of any pests are found we recommend and propose an appropriate treatment to control the timber destroying pests that were located during the inspection.

What Happens If Damage Created By Timber Destroying Pests Is Observed?

“Damage” is an alarming term. It may be superficial or quite extensive. When damage is observed it is recommended that the client consult with a licensed builder, building consultant, or architect to determine the extent of the damage.

What A Visual Timber Pest Inspection Report Includes

A visual inspection is carried out to all accessible areas and timbers.

  • Interior
  • Roof void
  • Exterior
  • Sub area
  • Foundations
  • Abutments
  • Garages and or carports
  • Sheds, fences, landscaping timbers and trees etc.

We Also Inspect For The Following Conditions

Conducive To Timber Destroying Pests

  • Earth to timber contact points
  • Faulty ground/soil levels
  • Cellulouse debris in sub areas
  • Excessive moisture conditions
  • And more

To protect your property, Belmont Pest Control strongly advises regular professional inspections. The Australian Standard AS 3660 recommends that inspections be completed at least annually  or more often in high risk areas.

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